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Small Steps for Fresh Starts - REST Connection

Everyone needs a fresh start now and then. And sometimes, we need to start all over at the beginning it seems. However, we must remember, we aren’t starting from scratch, we’re starting over with some experience. So how can we take small steps for fresh starts? Let’s break it down to some simple steps.

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First things first, you need to remember to breathe. Before we take any step forward, we need to take a moment to not allow our emotions to override our goals. Too often, we get caught up in what we haven’t done but forget the insurmountable odds we have already overcome. Sure, to many people getting up and facing the day when all you really want to do is hide under the covers may seem silly and small. But to those who have been through the hard stuff, it’s commendable that you’ve done that, over and over. So please, don’t beat yourself up. Take a deep breath and move to the next step.

What is your goal? Have you set one yet? You may not even know where to begin, especially if the bottom has just recently fallen out. Once you take that nice deep breath, it’s time to remember your goal. Or at the very least, start setting a goal to work towards. If the idea of setting a goal seems too big for you to handle, reach out to a friend you trust, like one of our REST mentors, to help you create a plan to move forward. It’s the small steps we take that help us in these fresh starts.

Accomplish One Small Step Today

Another small step is to accomplish one small task today. It may seem mundane. However, when getting out of bed seems overwhelming, simply taking a shower can be a big thing. Other small tasks that can make you feel accomplished would be getting the dishes washed. Maybe making your bed. Or even going to the grocery store. Sure, we may want to get more things done. But small steps make for large progress over time.

Don’t beat yourself up too hard when you can only accomplish one small task. Give yourself grace. Fresh starts start with small beginnings. Small steps can help us move forward every day. So take a breath, remember your goal, accomplish one small task, and give yourself grace. You’ll be surprised where you land a year from now when small steps take you forward. These small steps for fresh starts help little by little.